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First Aid Supplies First Aid Supplies
Northeast Tactical carries First Aid supplies from the finest manufacturers.
Multi-Use Survival Strap Multi-Use Survival Strap
Tubular webbing loop for rapid extraction, raising and lowering gear and personnel, and securing and opening doors.
Apparel Apparel
Covering you from top to bottom.
Instructor Belt Instructor Belt
The Northeast Tactical Instructor belt, made 1 ¾ inch webbing, double layered around body. Metal roller buckle to adjust length, with Velcro on free end to keep it from flopping around. If you need a belt that will not only make you look good, but also hold your pants up when you start carrying holster, magazine, flashlight, and all the other gear you can fit on your waist, we have your belt.

Our Instructor Belts are made from one long piece of webbing, doubled over and sewn together. This allows the wearer to carry holster, extra magazines, handcuffs, flashlights and other gear on the belt when a gunbelt is not an option.

Our Instructor Belts are sized to adjust up to 4 inches. This design allows for easy adjustment, but will not leave a large unused section to hang out and possibly get caught. Sizes indicate middle measurement; the belt will adjust 2 inches above and below this measurement.

Belts are available in black, olive drab and tan.
Sling Adapter Plate Sling Adapter Plate
Sling Adapter Plate, for long arms that do not have factory installed attachment point for one or two point sling. We carry adapters for AR-15/M16, M4, Sig 556 rifles; Benelli, Mossberg and Remington Shotguns, and the MP5 sub-machine gun.

These items are restricted and cannot be exported outside the United States. We are in the process of obtaining an export license.
Single Point Tactical Slings Single Point Tactical Slings
Our Single Point Tactical Sling connects to a single attachment point on a long arm. This eliminates any sling material near the front end of the weapon, limiting the amount of material that can interfere with the operator or the weapon. Also creates a more natural pivot point. Can easily be transitioned to side or rear for different force options. Our Single Point Sling comes in all nylon webbing or an elastic cord version.
Elastic Weapon Catch Elastic Weapon Catch
The Northeast Tactical Elastic Weapon Retention Strap is designed to give an added measure of security when you need to sling your long arm and go hands free. Which ever sling worn, uncontrolled weapon swing can be an issue. Mechanical breaching, climbing and prisoner control can easily place your weapon in a compromised position or create unwanted liability (bouncing a muzzle off a proned suspect). Our retention strap adds an extra measure of security by controlling the front end of the weapon
Two Point Sling Two Point Sling
Our two points include a two point utility sling and our Tactical Two Point with Rapid Adjustment tab.
Three Point Tactical Slings Three Point Tactical Slings
Three Point Tactical Sling attaches to forend and buttstock of weapon. Body loop adjusts for length to fit over varied clothing and body armor. Length of sling adjustable to help fit user.
Active Response Bag Active Response Bag
The Active Response Bag is designed for the Patrol Officer armed with a long arm to respond to a critical incident with the extra ammunition and gear needed to safely take control. Three large pockets give ample options for needed equipment. The shoulder strap allows the bag to be slung over a shoulder or strapped around the waist. Can carry spare magazines and ammo, first aid kit, door chocks, and has a large pocket that can be used as a dump pouch or to carry bulky items.

Epaulet Microphone HolderEpaulet Microphone Holder
Nylon epaulet microphone holder for portable radio corded microphone. Elastic holds microphone cord behind officer and prevents cord from falling off the shoulder. Or the microphone can be clipped to hang in front. 

Price:   $7.99 

Shirt Button Microphone Holder
Our shirt button microphone holder attaches using a shirt button and will hold the microphone at mid-chest level. This allows easy use by either hand and allows to hear and talk without moving your head away from a threat. 

Price:   $4.99 

Shirt Button Microphone Holder

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